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Global MahaParayan was started during the Centenary Year of MahaSamadhi of Sai Baba of Shirdi as a token of love by His bhaktas.

Many devotees have joined the spiritual drive and witnessed miracles that are being shared daily.

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To reach the number of 6 crores (60466176) devotee members in GMP from 6 Lakhs by having an active devotees group with lots of content sharing and live activities like blood donation camp, free eye test camp, education awareness camp, Reading Sai Sat Charitra at temples, etc. such touchwood activities will attract others to join GMP.

Making the content created for the devotees available directly to them.

Assembling skills of the devotees to carry on ground-level social activities. For eg., If there are doctors (devotees) in a particular group of a particular location, blood donation camps, eye testing camps, and diabetes check camps can be organized.

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